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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Library: Thursday, April 29th

Three Rivers is a tiny, little town but there is a school, village store, gas station, post office and even a library. Naturally there was much excitement at the potential for new books, so Dave took the four of them after work, to spend a couple of hours there. Jake returned on quite a high because they had Tintin books – many places we’ve been haven’t even heard of Tintin. The younger two were talking about the playground when they came back, to which Caitlin said, “You went to the playground?” This is so funny, when their heads go in a book, they totally lose awareness for what’s going on around them! Dave assured me that he did tell the older two he was leaving to take the younger ones to the playground!


Little House On Wheels said...

Now how do you do the library thing? You just hang out and read? I've been disappointed with not being able to "check out" books like we did back home, especially pertaining to schooling.

The Valentine's said...

Amy, we would LOVE to check out books but no, we have not done that at all since we've been on the road.

We tend to go once a week to a library wherever we are, if possible. Of course, last week, we drove all the way there to find that they had a 'developmental day' and were closed, grrrr!

We stay for at least an hour, I read to Nate, the others usually find their own books to look at. We often leave Jake and Caitlin there alone, depending on the libraries policy, with strict instructions to sit right next to each other - so far so good, then I take the younger two to a playground/shops nearby.

It's working pretty well BUT does mean they really only want to look at things they like (given their limited time), as opposed to any kind of 'research/school' books, so now that kind of thing has to be done online, which is fine, just isn't always so child-friendly or accessible....

I'd say, even if you can visit a library once every couple of weeks, it's worth it, you know, change of scenery, different books, many places have had coloring pages - in Cortez, we got printouts of the 'Four Corners' states and they each colored one so now we have our own 'FC' picture on the wall of the camper - given that the monument was closed when we were in CO!