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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

San Francisco RV Resort, Pacifica

There was a pool. It was not that big but it was heated, so despite cool winds blowing in from the Ocean, all four kids willingly went in while I shivered and watched them from the edge, bundled in a sweatshirt! They were also allowed, supervised, in the hot tub, so they kept flitting between the two. The younger kids spent some time on the playground during the week too, it wasn’t terribly big or exciting but filled 10 minutes here and there and got them fresh air and a break.

We ventured down to the beach on Thursday, getting there was an adventure in itself, slipping down sand-covered rocks to reach the beach area. We initially thought it was a path, and perhaps it once was, those days were gone though and now it was a tad precarious taking that route! We made it down, the sand wasn’t so nice and the waves were crashing against the shoreline with the tide slowly advancing towards us. We had hoped to wander along to the cafĂ© further down but after trekking across the sand, we were met only with a wall and the water stopped us going any further past that point. It was a somewhat disappointing excursion. The kids tried to build sandcastles but the sand was far from ideal, the water was frigid and we were a little scared that our rocky route back up would be cut off by the tide, so cut our visit short. I don’t think any of them really minded, I certainly didn’t!

Dave headed back into the city in the evening to meet up with friends for a drink and to watch and discuss some of the Grand Prix - it was very important that his tv coverage of the Grand Prix season was uninterrupted on this trip, Jake is equally addicted! All in all, a very good evening was had, always fun to catch up with rarely-seen friends.

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