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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Homer Spit

Today was to have been the big bear hunt out to Katmai National Park via seaplane for the Daves, unfortunately due to strong winds at the landing spot (a small river), the flight was cancelled.  There was great disappointment all around, especially as they actually saw the planes!

They added their names to the manifest for the following day instead, and we adjusted our plans.  On their walk home - it was much further than they thought - they did stop to 'admire' the boatyard.  Apparently the owner had intentions at one point of creating accommodations within these beached vessels.

Karen and I wandered down to the mini boardwalks to check out the stores and request fishing charter information – our plans needed to remain pretty flexible.  The kids had fun at the mini golf - it was mini (note Dylan's PJs: we could not keep these kids in dry clothes!  They were either wet from the rain or from the water, it just pulled them in!  Of course, nothing would dry either because it was so damp - plenty of quarters in the dryer on this trip!)

Given our previous day's bird watching, a lone eagle shouldn't have been such a draw, but he looked so regal out on the beach.
The view from our campsite was great, blue skies might have enhanced it of course.  On the other side of the road at a much smaller campground, there was an interesting RV - complete with eagle perch above the back porch!

In the afternoon, the kids got ice-cream, once again not in the slightest deterred by the temperature!  They are all just too adorable, love, love, love!

On the walk home, we stopped at The Fishin’ Hole to see if the fishers had had any success.  We had intended to cast a line for salmon at some point while we stayed on the Spit, but too many other things grabbed our attention instead.

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