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Friday, June 8, 2012


After such a rushed week, we were ready for some time to relax and chill without going anywhere for a few hours.  While the Scaranis headed to the Alaska SeaLife Center, we spent some time reading and resting at our campsite.  

Later in the afternoon, we drove out to Lowell Point.  Our initial intent had been to hike over to Tonsina Point, but the effects from yesterday’s hike were still a tad debilitating and the wind was pretty strong – we were happy to stay in the camper and simply take photographs!

We drove back around Seward to view some of the community murals and sculptures, check out the beginning of the Iditarod Trail, watch the cruise ships, admire the interesting houses, and then stop at the playground.  The Scaranis met us there.  While the kids were racing around the play equipment, the Daves spotted sea lions in the bay.

We munched Fish (halibut) and Chips (it seems no-one can emulate proper English chips, sigh!) for dinner; the Scaranis enjoyed dinner at the Salmon Bake – all was good!

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