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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Las Vegas

Passing many Joshua Trees, a beautiful, though uneventful, trip to Las Vegas on Memorial Day brought us to the Las Vegas Thousand Trails campground. 

We had taken advantage of the $500 deal to buy two zones in the Thousand Trails system.  We can stay up to 30 nights in TT campgrounds along the west coast consecutively, for free, as long as we do not stay longer than four nights at each one.  Alternatively we can stay 14 nights and then be out of TT’s for seven nights.  Our intent is to really make good use of these parks and save a little money of course!

The oppressive heat when we arrived was almost unbearable, ugh!  The kids immediately requested a trip to the pool where they remained for the next couple of hours.

On Tuesday evening, we went to Sam’s Casino to watch their free water fountain show.  This is an off-strip casino, hence the less flashy ‘show’.  It was fine, free, enabled us to gorge on dessert, and got us out of the camper and into air-conditioning!

Jake’s remembered highlight of our previous stop-over in Vegas was the amazing number of buffets offered by the casinos.  He pled his case and we agreed to a breakfast buffet.  Research led me to Terrible’s Casino.  Their breakfast buffet was considerably cheaper than others, especially those on the Strip.  For the incredible price of $5.99, we could fill ourselves.  On arrival, Dave discovered that by buying a ‘gaming card’, he could get a discount and each breakfast would only cost $3.99 – wow, bargain.  Jake was in heaven! 

That meal filled us for the rest of the day, enabling us to drive to California without stopping, passing more Joshua trees, Mohave National Preserve, the Gateway to Mohave and Death Valley, and apparently the world’s tallest thermometer.  Also, I managed to snap a not so great shot of one of the tucks carrying trucks - we saw a number of these the year we traveled; we're always amazed.

We were happy to depart the 102ยบ heat of Vegas!  As we were close to our campground in CA, a couple of guys on horseback were waiting at the lights - not our everyday sight!

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