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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bear Lake, Nymph Lake, and Dream Lake

Due to a slightly later start, impending bad weather, and construction on Bear Lake Road, our intended hike out to Mills Lake in the afternoon was put on hold.  Our family, along with Joshua, drove out to Bear Lake and chatted with the construction crew while we waited for the ‘Follow Me’ car to return.  One of the guys told us that a few days previously, one of the flaggers watched a mountain lion prowl across the road – a rare sight – and the week before, they’d seen a mother bear with two cubs down in the meadow.  We kept our eyes peeled but saw nothing but elk and chipmunks.

We partially interrupted this elk's dinner as we pulled into the car park.

We hiked through the snow around Bear Lake

and because clearly for our family, one mile is never far enough, we set off up the hill ascending 225 feet to Nymph Lake,

then ignoring the rain, continuing another 200 feet in elevation to Dream Lake. 

Dave is very keen on knowing our elevation for some reason, so with GPS monitor in the air, the best he could reach was 9, 970 feet!  Tempted though he was to continue higher, given the weather conditions, we thought it best to head back to the truck past the previous lakes.  Some of the snow 'bridges' felt a little dicey when we crossed, but we all survived!

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