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Friday, May 18, 2012

Glacier Gorge, Alberta Falls, Mills Lake, Jewel Lake

My bad hips were screaming in agony after the Cub Lake hike.  All hail the wonders of Advil!  By early afternoon, I was able to move again, all ready for our hike out to Mills Lake.  Michael and Joshua joined us for this one.  We left a little earlier to ensure we’d have time to hike the seven mile round trip.

Alberta Falls were beautiful and although we passed a few people coming down, numbers definitely dropped off the higher we climbed.  Making it up to Mills Lake (an elevation gain of 750 feet – 2.8 miles to this point) more than made the hike worth it as the Lake was pristine.  Incredibly clear waters were surrounded by steep, fir-tree covered rocks.  We continued on a little further, being careful not to disturb the two drinking elk, to the end of Jewel Lake through some quite deep snowbanks.  The boys decided that there was a perfect spot to eat dinner overlooking the beginning of Mills Lake, they weren’t wrong!  It was so peaceful – we would absolutely recommend the hike and resulting view.

The sky cleared on the way down which of course meant that Dave had to repeat some of his picture-taking with the gorgeous blue skies in the background.  He’s been learning even more about photography over the last few months which means more photographs to sort through.  Don’t worry, I’m not complaining, I love that he’s capturing so many fabulous memories….it’s just tough to sort through them all, hard to delete any of them!

While Dave headed back up to Bear Lake for the truck, the rest of us hiked down to Glacier Gorge.  This whole area is wonderful.  I’m sure there’s not a bad hike or view in the Park.

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