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Monday, May 14, 2012


Monday, May 14th

Mona and I ensured that all the kids studied and completed schoolwork each morning.  These pictures give some idea of how we create work and study areas within our camper.  Typically Nathan and I sit in the bunkhouse using a temporary desk Dave made. 
The other three either work at the table with Dave or use a lap-desk at the sofa.  Dave often sits in our room or outside for meetings but generally has no problem blocking out the chaos!   

This is the overview - during the first week on the road, we were still sorting everything into its proper home again.  I'd like to say it looks a tad tidier now, but.............:)

The older three use our room for music practice later in the morning.   

We have a system that works, and the kids are fabulous about starting their work as early as possible with the goal of finishing well before lunch so that the fun can begin!  At this point, we're mainly just working on math as they all read SO much anyway - bless the Kindle creator (and the large totes stored in the pass-through for the much-thumbed and much-read HP series)!  Of course, as we constantly say, the learning truly never ends, especially when we’re on the road – naturally, this is true for everyone, adult and child, whether home schooled or not!

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Unknown said...

Great to see pics of how you all make school on the road work. Your kids are getting an amazing education!!