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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cub Lake

We were back to all eleven of us loading into the truck to drive the short distance to Cub Lake trailhead in the Moraine Park area.  This was quite a rocky trail which the kids loved of course, plenty of rocks to navigate over and around!  Today’s elevation gain was 540 feet and we could feel it!
Rain had us running for tree cover but an almighty clap of thunder had us moving toward rocks!  We ate our dinner overlooking the lily pad-filled Cub Lake.  A lone duck swam over immediately as soon as we sat down.  He waddled right over to Michael and began pecking at his feet, begging for food.  Clearly he was well-trained in the ‘humans sitting down, food likely’ notion.  It was pretty amusing although the younger kids weren’t so impressed by his aggressive nature.

On the trail back down, we rounded a corner to be greeted by a huge herd of elk.  Elk are a common site throughout this Park but to see so many in one meadow was impressive.  We watched them wade through the water and continue on their way.

Pictorial evidence that Dave loves taking reflection pictures!  Another wonderful day of hiking and experiencing the beauty of this National Park.

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