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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hadley's Point Campground

The campground was certainly designed around the concept of ‘let’s pack them in’, demand for campsites is high in this area during the summer months and maximizing use of space equals $$! We were very lucky to be there an entire week so had one of their premium sites with W,E&S (water, electric, sewer) towards the bottom end of the campground. We had enough space for playing room between the neighboring site, beyond our awning – apparently we have yet to experience the ‘car park’ campgrounds where your awning meets the next camper – something we’d like to continue to avoid!

After a morning of school, we headed to the pool. We are managing to get into somewhat of a routine with school now. Getting going reasonably quickly after breakfast seems to be the key. Jake definitely works best being given his day’s requirements up front. He’ll sit for a large chunk of time and ‘get it done’, Caitlin needs breaks, as does Becca. We’re still on a learning curve but it’s improving.

The pool has a diving board and isn’t too busy. Although toys aren’t really allowed, they played with the dive rings and had fun positioning BB, the gnome, on the diving board. They are all such water-babies that the problem always lies with getting them out, rather than encouraging them in!

It was so wonderful just gazing up at the moon and stars each evening. Dave went down to the local beach to take some photos of the moon, playing with the different modes on the camera, some of the shots came out pretty well. It’s tough to really describe what an amazing view we have of the sky, it’s certainly not a hardship sitting outside each evening, glass in hand!

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