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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunday August 10th: George's Pond

The Beyer’s own a vacation property by George’s Pond in Franklin, Maine. We learnt that a lake is fed by streams and rivers but a pond is spring-fed. I’m just inserting this because when we think of a pond, it is not the 1 mile across body of water that greeted us! Jim and his family have been coming up to this pond since they were little. We actually spent the day at his sister’s property, as their property is on the other side of the pond and was rented this week (they had stayed there last week).

It was a wonderfully, relaxing afternoon/evening. Jake was thrilled to be seeing Jeff. They spent a lot of time in the water, the highlights being: being pulled together in a tube behind the boat and heading out to the small island at speed and jumping off the diving board on the rocks. Caitlin and Dave also got to ride in the tube, this was a little more successful for Dave than Caitlin – having a 230lb Daddy laying on top of her wasn’t terribly comfortable apparently, hard to believe…

Before the sun set, Dave was able to take out the jet ski. You could tell he’d been itching to do that all afternoon, so he was full of smiles when he came back. Sitting by the edge of the pond and watching the sun go down over the water was beautiful. It’s really not hard to imagine why they come back here each summer.

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