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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The rest of July!

In an effort to get caught up and actually blog the trip, here's a quick synopsis of interesting happenings for the last month:

Well, we packed and cleaned, packed and sorted, packed and chucked stuff, you get the idea! It was a whirlwind of organization that really took a good few weeks. Dave spent many evenings in his 'man cave' (aka: the garage!) building and fixing for the camper.

The kids finished up their swim team meets, along with Relay Champs and Junior Champs. They had a great season. Caitlin's medley relay team came 5th out of all the U8's and Jake's relay team medalled either 2nd or 3rd in the medley, free and mixed - he was thrilled! Both also came first in one of their heats at Juniors, lots of ribbons. Becca continued to smile her way through every race, she made us all smile, her happiness was contagious.

In amongst the packing and planning, we really missed our friends, Jen organized a Bon Voyage party at the pool, lots of friends came out to say Goodbye, despite the weather, which really was appalling! Kids did all jump happily in the pool when the rain came down, poor Jamie sat on the lifeguard stand, wrapped in a towel, desperately listening for thunder, which did come. Amazing how many people can squash together under a pavillion and an umbrella.....

My scrapbooking group, bible study group and wonderful friend also made us cakes - what a treat! So we probably all gained a few pounds, oh well, more than worth it"!

Becca and Caitlin went 'Sweet n Sassy' at Maddie's 6th birthday party, they could not have been more excited by their groovy fake hair extensions in shades of pink. They wore them all week at S'more camp at Fairview Village Church - it made them very easy to spot, in amongst the 350 other kids! They looked great up on stage on Sunday morning singing some of the songs they learnt during the week.

I have lots of pics to add, maybe tomorrow, today was a busy day and I need to get caught up, so that's the synopsis!

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