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Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday August 23rd: Fort Stanwix

Mid-morning we went to Rome, NY, only 15 minutes away, to visit another National Park: Fort Stanwix. We collected Junior Ranger booklets for the kids and went into the fort to attend the canon display. We listened to a brief summary of the importance of the location of Fort Stanwix, it was a major thoroughfare for the waterways, originally built by the British but then abandoned and taken over by the Americans. The British returned and attacked the fort in an attempt to reclaim it, a battle that lasted from August 3rd - August 23rd, 1777. So, coincidentally, we had come to the fort on the anniversary of the end of the battle. This also meant that the makeshift USA flag, that was created at the time, was flying during our visit. It was a red, white & blue, 13 striped, flag: the kids drew it as part of their program.

The canon going off was incredibly loud, we all jumped, despite having been prepped to cover our ears!

The Fort was completely rebuilt a few years ago, funded by the National Park Service and local communities. There are many old artifacts on display and within the rebuilt fort, an old fireplace that is part of the original building. It was very interesting.

Of course, Jake thought the afternoon was amazing, he's always enthralled by all the historical battles. We watched a short movie detailing the aftermath of the battle, the Americans were waiting for another onslaught from the British that never came and were kind of stuck in the fort as if it was their prison.

They all completed the requirements for their badge and were sworn in once again as Junior Rangers.

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