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Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday August 2nd: Holiday Acres

We have a big site, plenty of room in front of us and the campground is not that busy. It's fairly quiet: exactly what we needed for our first week.

Dave took the kids down to explore the beach by the lake in the morning, I returned with them in the afternoon when it was somewhat overcast. During the afternoon, it began to rain, didn't deter the kids at all, they still swam and played. I watched from under the umbrella! Caitlin was drawing a picture for each letter of the alphabet, when she got to L, she drew a lily pad with a flower in the middle. She asked me, to ask her, what she'd drawn and then insisted I come and look at the lily pads with their beautiful flowers. We wandered over to the other side of the swim area and looked at all the lily pads, with closed flowers. I explained that some flowers only open in the morning or in the sunshine, she was so excited and called the other three over to look, exclaiming that this was a science lesson and homeschool had begun - love my Caitlin for her wonderful excitement.

Jake and Caitlin are also thrilled by the library of books that I've brought. They have read and read and read some more! In fact, I found myself saying on a number of occasions: "Put the book down, stop reading!" It seems a little strange, but honestly, the books need to make it through 8 weeks and they need to get outside and enjoy the fresh air!

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