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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday August 22nd: Verona, NY

Left the campground just after 8:30am, it's really so much less stressful packing up the night before and then getting up early to finish off, while the kids are either still asleep or barely awake. We certainly could've done without the rain last night and this mrongin though, traveling with everything wet isn't too great and the musty smell on arrival in the camper is none too pleasant either!

We have been having breakfast in the truck and everything's been working well. Today, we made it to the campground: Turning Stone Resort in NY around 2:30, with only one stop and one movie! The journey started with a German lesson as well so I managed to throw some education in on a Saturday - not bad!

This campground has oodles of good reports, deservedly so. The sites are all paved pull-thru's with large grassy area in front. Everything is extremely clean and organized. The roads are all paved: very unusual for a campground, usually they're more like dirt tracks! We made it to the heated pool before 5pm, cycled over - what a lovely family group, we must've looked such a pleasant sight, hunched over handlebars in our swimsuits with towels draped around our necks!

Showers are huge and again, CLEAN! Usually I am a shower snob and don't venture into campground showers unless necessary, after all, I have a perfectly adequate and clean shower at my disposal in the camper but these are worth the trip, LOL! It was very nice to have a hot shower that I didn't have to turn off half way through to conserve heat, have space to move around without bumping my elbows - you know, this probably makes very mundane reading, apologies, but we have that huge beautiful shower at home and, well, we miss it!

Already have a second load of laundry in the dryer - what a wonderful addition to the camper that is! I'm sure this trip wouldn't be nearly as easy without the washer/dryer - we're going to be struggling when we don't have full hook-ups! Talk about spoiled...

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