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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday August 18th: The Sound of Music

Well, I’m about caught up on the journal side of the blog, pictures will take a while to add. I typed a lot of this yesterday morning, sitting outside watching the sun come up through the mist rolling over the lake, before anyone else was up. It was a great way to start the day (I am discounting the fact that some critter had feasted on our trash during the night so the contents were strewn all over the mats, not a wonderful sight at 7am!). Now, I’ll just transfer to the blog, had to do it in word as the satellite internet wasn’t happy about the trees on Sunday and wouldn’t play the game, Dave sorted it out though, of course!

We may go to the Van Trappe’s house later in the week so I wanted the kids to watch The Sound of Music before we went. I had totally forgotten how long the movie is, there was an intermission – on the DVD! Nate fell asleep 2 hours in but the other 3 were hooked, when I suggested pausing it to finish later, my suggestion was met with a chorus of NO’s! They really enjoyed it and it prompted more discussion about the war and the location of Austria and Switzerland – out came my trusty blow-up globe and world map placemat, courtesy of the Dollar Store! Small and light but useful is what it’s all about this year!


Anonymous said...

You have to take the kids to Ben and Jerry's for the ice cream tour!

It is very informational, as well as delicious---free samples!!

Steve (huntr70)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ali and Family

Steve is right about Ben and Jerrys!! YUMMY!! Love hearing about your adventures. Be safe! If your get near Bath, let me know and maybe we can meet up.

Sharon and Greg