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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pinellas Trail: Jan 2nd

Thankfully the day dawned a lot drier than the previous. We were low on groceries so unfortunately it meant a morning of shopping. The kids were actually OK with that as we chose to go to Target so they were able to spend a bit of their Christmas money.

We'd had a later breakfast, cooked by the campground staff - love pancake breakfasts, always a great deal and plenty of food. I'd promised the kids an ice cream lunch, so we returned to the Citrus Country Store we'd visited earlier in the week with Beth, for delicious ice creams and the opportunity to purchase fresh (and cheap: bonus!) fruit and veggies.

Part of the Pinellas Fitness Trail runs along the length of the campground and beyond, so we all got on our bikes and cycled along the Bayou for a while. It's a great trail, highly accessible and well used by dog walkers, runners and cyclists. It was tougher making the return journey as the wind was definitely in our faces and forcing us to peddle quite a bit harder!

Becca had been waiting to rent a banana bike all week, so this was her hour. Clearly, she hadn't worked her legs hard enough to have plenty of energy left to pedal the 'banana' around the campground! The bikes were a lot of fun, to steer you had to bend your body in the direction you wanted to go and to brake, you had to back-pedal - that seemed to take a LOT of getting used among the kids! I'm surprised there were any grips left on the bottom of their crocs by the end!

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