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Friday, January 15, 2010

Campfire: January 14th

Jake typically works through his school reasonably quickly anyway but today, knowing that rally friends were outside and ready to play, he pretty much flew through his work!

All the kids were so eager to get outside and introduce themselves to prospective new friends. I was actually surprised that they were willing to 'do' school at all but there was no griping, they sped through!

Over the weekend, 20 families came to the 'Families on the Road' rally at Jetty Park.

After an afternoon of meeting people, we all gathered close to the water for a communal fire. All rally attendees had contributed towards a ‘$ pot’, from which Kati hosted numerous activities – we were so impressed at her enthusiasm, creativity and ideas. At the fire, there were marshmallows and Starburst to roast (we’d never thought to roast starburst before, a definite hit with the kids!).

We really enjoyed meeting everyone and hearing different stories of their journeys, what they all did for work, where they’d traveled, how long they’d been on the road; I love to listen to all of that! One family, the DeMichiels used to live really close to us in PA and we discovered a mutual friend, Kathy – how cool is that?!

The kids had a blast running around and playing football in the semi-darkness – exactly what they needed. It was a great evening.

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