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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dick and Jenny's: January 25th

Polly and Brian kindly offered to watch the kids for the evening so that Dave and I could go out for dinner together – what a huge treat! We were so grateful and located a recommended place on the western side of the city: Dick & Jenny’s. It wasn’t much to look at on the outside but the inside was really cool, the walls were covered with painted plates.

Here's the story of the plates from their website:

Dick and Jenny were close to finishing the renovations of the restaurant, when a huge plumbing bill threatened to delay their opening night. The solution to their situation came in the form of friendly investors. Dick & Jenny sold plates to their opening night dinner, offering gift certificates and plates in exchange. For 100 dollars, purchasers received a plate on the wall, hand painted by Dick himself, and 250 dollars worth of gift certificates for their dining pleasure. The plumbing was fixed, the restaurant a hit, and the plates remain a constant reminder that Dick & Jenny’s is a locals restaurant, dedicated to serving delicious food at an affordable, comfortable price.

It had a great ambiance and the food was delicious. We really enjoyed our evening out and can’t thank our kind new friends enough – kids were asleep when we arrived home too!

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Show Us The World said...

Sounds like great fun. It is a wonderful thing to have friends around to help with the kids. So glad you could have a date night together!