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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chilly day: Jan 5th

It is SO cold! OK, I know that we're in Florida and the weather is atrocious in Pennsylvania (and England!), but honestly, it's incredibly cold and we aren't terribly prepped for these temps. We have the fleece jackets out and jeans and socks, in fact everything we thought we might need when we're further north but not this month - we're supposed to be on the beach in shorts!

The trees are swaying in the 'breeze'....

Anyway, other than trips to the bathroom, we kind of holed up in the camper with the two heaters running full pelt! In the afternoon, we watched 'The Railway Children' - what a classic! Jake and Caitlin are especially loving all the movies we watched when we were kids. They all really enjoyed 'The Swallows and Amazons' as well, Jake requested that one after reading the book. I'm so glad they enjoy these oldies, the language is so much better than some of the newer films they like and gives them a different view of life 'back then'. The Railway Children is set in 1905 so the style of clothes is quite different as well. I'm sure Caitlin and Becca would love to dress like the girls every day - very girly with their swirling skirts!

Dave ventured out in the evening to watch the sunset. While we are in the centre area of the campground, just across the road are the sites on the beach/water (no swimming) so the views are beautiful. Dave's been experimenting with the settings on the camera recently and been getting some amazing shots.

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