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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Finally: THE TOOTH!

Well, it took its sweet time but this morning, Becca's tooth finally fell out. It has been wiggly since the beginning of December, we felt certain that it would be out by Christmas but no, it hung in there.

Between Christmas and New Year, Dave threatened to tie it to the truck and pull it out - she was tempted I think but he didn't go through with it (you'll be pleased to hear!).

January continued along and she looked as though she was sporting one tooth in the center of her front row (having lost the other one a month earlier). It really did not look good, hanging off one side but not the other, not a pretty site. She kept trying to pull it but not with any force.

Finally, on Friday night, it was so loose that she could twist it every which way in full circles and it was hanging on by a thread.

She woke up Saturday morning and it was out! Ahhh, finally!

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Karen said...

LOL!!! Funny pics!