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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bike Day: Jan 4th

Well, as predicted, today was a tough day. It's wonderful to have time off but then returning to the schedule is a bit more of a challenge, we didn't do badly, it just wasn't a lot of fun!

After school, we got on our bikes (leaving worker boy behind - shame Dave's day has to last so long compared to the kids!) and cycled the trail to East Beach. We spent some time on the beach, running around, escaping waves and looking at shells. Unfortunately in Nate's case, rather than outrunning the waves, he went into them - it was not an especially warm day and I'm quite sure that wet socks and shoes felt awful, not that he showed any indication of that, he continued to be his usual, beaming, happy self, absolutely thrilled to be in the water, despite it's temperature!

East Beach with the Sunshine Skyline Bridge in the background, it is an impressive-looking bridge:

We played on the playground for a while, they're happy entertaining themselves but I notice that when I join in a game of 'tag', there are far fewer arguments and they gun for me every time - usually they don't have too much of a problem getting me, my legs don't move quite as fast as theirs anymore and their energy levels are definitely higher than mine!

It is at times like these, when I can gaze at them for hours, that I realize what a privilege this journey is for us. I love these children of ours so much and am incredibly happy that we're able to spend so much time with them, hopefully positively influencing them! It was a lovely afternoon.

On the ride home, we stopped to check some of the signs on the trail, telling us about Spanish Moss, the width Live Oaks grow to and the Sea Myrtle plant. This plant has adapted to grow in areas where salt water is present, secreting the salt from its leaves. It stated on the sign that sometimes you can taste the salt if you lick the leaves, I had three willing volunteers (and one who wouldn't have licked a leaf if you'd paid her!). I laugh whenever I look at the photo of Becca, you can tell it was a tad chilly by the size of her mitts!

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