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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sadly, farewell: January 17th

Gathering together 20 families for a group photo, positioning everyone and then prepping the camera takes a bit of effort, but we managed! I think the end result was good, now we have to remember to put names to faces and hopefully meet some of them further along the road. We are grateful to have FaceBook as a connecting point for many people.

We headed out of the park around midday after a delicious breakfast provided by Kati and her crew – it was exactly what we needed – enough food to tide us over until we reached our destination 4 hours later.

A huge thank you to all the families who made the weekend so amazing, we certainly left with heavy hearts and disgruntled kids who wished they could’ve hung out a lot longer.

We stopped for one night at the ‘In and Out RV Park’ in Lake City, FL. It promised level sites with no need to unhook and delivered: a quick and easy stop.

I popped into the grocery store and was once again in awe at the lack of geographical knowledge of some people we come across (now, I am very geographically challenged but I like to think I have a fairly good awareness of where things are roughly located), today’s was: “Oh, you’re from England? Is England very far from Lake City?” “Erm, yes!” I actually thought the bagger was about to call her a name as she continued along this vein, he finally said, “England’s on a whole different continent, across the Atlantic!” She looked at him with wide eyes and said, “Oh?!” I always giggle and think, maybe I’m not doing such a bad job with this homeschool thing!

When we were staying in Key Largo, the lady in the store asked where the Everglades were, on hearing that’s where we’d spent the previous night – we were only 2 hours south of there and I really had to stop and think, did we really just leave there or was that a while ago, it was so close! I guess some people are very happy to stay where they know and don’t venture far. Each to their own, I think we’re instilling the travel-bug into our kids.

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