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Saturday, January 30, 2010

more rally fun: January 16th

After running around all morning (kids, not me!), it was time for tye-dye with the Bove’s. We had brought washcloths and socks for the occasion and the kids were excited to create some colorful masterpieces for their very own ‘crazy sock day’. When we took all the bands off a couple of days later and rinsed them, they came out well, not all of the socks looked matched and that certainly added to the fun of them.

Jetty Park has walkable beach access, which we hadn’t made use of earlier in the week due to the frigid temperatures, but now that the weather had brightened, we all headed to the beach for relay races organized by the Bennett’s. Jake managed to slash his toe quite spectacularly on a rock prior to the races but valiantly rallied to participate – competitive much?! Nate dug holes in the sand with his new friends and Caitlin settled herself a long distance away from the group to create a sandcastle.

In the evening, armed with blankets, we sat down to watch RV (the movie) on the big screen. The Dads enjoyed a quick game of Wii Bar Sports before the movie started – throwing invisible darts to an inflatable screen is clearly entertaining!

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