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Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year's Day! Jan 1st, 2010

So is it twenty-ten or two thousand ten? Dave just looked at me when I asked him this and said, with quizzical face at such a ridiculous question, "Both!" - OK, enough said, I guess it's both and I shouldn't even think about it....

It pretty much rained all day so was a lazy day indeed inside our camper, probably exactly what we needed: no work, no school, lots of game playing, reading and a movie - it was wonderful!

We cut the Christmas Cake in the evening. Traditionally, we have Christmas cake in England on Christmas Day but in recent years, we've been too stuffed from a delicious Christmas dinner to worry about cutting the cake. This year, I kind of forgot we had the cake as the only place to store it was in the microwave and we don't use that very often, so... It was decorated in appropriate sea creatures and a palm tree - not terribly Christmas-y but relevant for where we were this year. It was good, not as good as when I make it, but still good (thank you Tesco's!).

As we enjoyed our Christmas Dinner out this year, we also did not eat our Christmas pudding on Christmas Day, made that a couple of days ago. I was thrilled to find Bird's custard powder in a 'British section' at the Publix in Key Largo so we thoroughly enjoyed pudding and custard: YUM!

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